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If you’re engaged and planning your own engagement photos, first of all, I’d love to offer my congratulations! Second, I wanted to use this post to answer the slew of engagement photo-related questions I receive around this time each and every year. The most important thing to consider when planning your engagement photos, and what you’ll wear in them, is to stay true to yourselves–your personal styles, your relationship, and your story together. I’m glad overly posed and prop-filled engagement sessions are becoming a thing of the past; photos that truly reflect who you are as a couple are so much more meaningful and timeless. To decide where to take your photos, think back on your memories together. What do you love to do together? Where did you meet, or do you have a go-to spot that’s “yours?” These sources of inspiration will undoubtedly lead to a photo location or style that rings true to the two of you–and that is the most important thing.

From a practical standpoint, be sure to also consider the style of your wedding, especially if you plan on using an engagement photo in your save-the-date. Your wedding paper goods offer the first taste of the celebration-to-come to your guests, so whether you’re planning a romantic garden party wedding or a chic, modern reception at an art museum, your engagement photos should at least hint to that aesthetic. If you plan to display any of your engagement photos in your home, the style and color palette of your home may play a role in the setting you choose as well.

New York City

New York

I still remember the first time I saw a bride-to-be wearing a Gal Meets Glam Collection dress in her engagement photos. I felt so much pride at that moment, knowing how much thought must have gone into her decision, and how special those photographs will always be to her and her family. To this day, I’m still touched every time I see someone choose a GMG dress for an especially significant moment in her life! Being able to design pieces that make women feel beautiful, confident, and feminine has truly become one of the greatest passions of my life, and I hope every bride feels that way as she approaches her wedding day.

If the beautiful city where you live (or love to vacation!) is the backdrop for your best memories together, it may also make a fitting backdrop for photos capturing this season of your relationship. A mini or knee-length dress with a little bit of structure looks chic and elegant in photos, while a simple color palette doesn’t clash with the many colors that may surround you downtown.

Los Angeles


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It probably comes as no surprise that some of my favorite settings for blog photos are places where beautiful things grow–lavender fields, citrus groves, flower farms, expansive English gardens…the list goes on! If you have something gorgeous growing near you, opt for one of our solid-colored dresses in a feminine silhouette and head out for dreamy photos amongst the flowers.



I love photos filled with natural movement–they’re often so much more engaging than still, posed portraits. For an adventurous couple always on the go, consider taking engagement photos while biking through your neighborhood, on a joy ride in a classic car, or hopping on and off a city trolley. One of our colorful, whimsical dresses will help communicate the delight of these fun moments in your images.

Cozying up at “your” table at your favorite local spot makes for photos that are both romantic and intimate, as well as meaningful to the two of you. Choose your outfit based on the formality of your location (for example, a neighborhood coffee shop compared to a fancy French bistro). The neutral pieces below are all lovely options that will pair beautifully with your surroundings.



When I was young, I loved wandering through my Grandmother’s rose garden, admiring the beautiful blooms while stopping to smell each fragrant flower. If I was lucky, I was allowed to don a pair of grandma’s gardening gloves to help cut a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers to take home.

The change of a season always brings a shift in my mood. I’m inspired by new things, drawn to a different palette of colors, textures, fabrics and prints. After almost a full year of designing for Gal Meets Glam Collection, I’m sure you all have seen how it can shift from season to season, and also from month to month. The core of what I’m drawn to always remains the same, but the details are what change. Just as much as I look forward to moodier colors come fall, spring makes me feel like I’m waking up from a long sleep. Even though I incorporate color all year long, it’s the mix of prints and fabrics with the spring colors that make me feel refreshed and wanting to get outdoors in the sunshine. Here are a few of my favorite things I’m currently eyeing online this month…