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The dresses and jumpsuits that are available today mark the twelfth Gal Meets Glam Collection monthly launch! I’ll have much more to say about this wild and wonderful adventure next month when we celebrate our first anniversary, but in the meantime, I’m so thrilled by this milestone.

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In our March selection (the second half of our resort line), you’ll find the exact dresses and jumpsuits we’ve been dreaming of wearing all winter long, featuring fresh colors, elegant silhouettes, and charming patterns. From the dreamy pastels we launched with, to the festive sparkles of our holiday collection, to this colorful selection, I love the way these styles round out this exciting first year!

One of our biggest goals when we set out to create Gal Meets Glam Collection was to design dresses that our customers would want to wear every day. While many of you do (and we love seeing your own daily looks on Instagram!), we also understand that sometimes, an ordinary day doesn’t feel special enough for a favorite dress. That said, we believe that no matter where you are or what you do, the way a dress makes you feel–confident, graceful, beautiful–makes them worth wearing any day.

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While these vacation-ready styles will certainly look right at home on a tropical getaway or fun-filled weekend away, my challenge to you is this: don’t wait for a special day to wear your favorite piece. Instead, make any ordinary day special by wearing it! Paired with your favorite sunglasses, espadrilles, and a fabulous smile, I have no doubt these styles will help us all soak in the very best of what spring has to offer.

I love a good jumpsuit, but over the years I’ve definitely had to figure out the exact silhouettes and styles that work for me. I love a piece that’s more forgiving, but still flattering in shape and is easy to get on and off. I was really looking forward to bringing more of them into the collection as they felt like a really natural new addition, plus I’m just personally really drawn to them! Towards the end of last year, we launched one jumpsuit with our fall collection and then another in our holiday, and based on the response, we could tell that our customers were excited for them too!

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For this resort collection, we knew we wanted more jumpsuit pieces, and a mix of both casual and dressier ones. The thing I love most about jumpsuits is that they’re really easy to dress down but also vice versa to dress up. We have a good mix of styles that launched last month in February, like the cotton Sophia and Iris, the colorful Gabriella and Nicole, as well as our dressier Delia jumpsuit.

Few beauty decisions are more personal than which perfume or scent to wear. Smell, after all, is the sense most closely associated with memory, so the impression you make through your perfume can truly be a lasting one. Some people’s signature scents become such a part of their identity, it would be almost confusing to run into someone else sporting the same fragrance. Other people rarely smell the same twice, but their perfumes typically fall into one of the main scent families–floral, fruity, woodsy, or spicy. Personally, I love experimenting with different floral perfumes, and find inspiration from the seasons, our travels, and my own memories when selecting a new fragrance.

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While I rotate scents often, I do have a few brands that I gravitate toward, both when searching for a new option to try or restocking a beloved staple in my perfume collection. One of those brands is Jo Malone, which I’ve been wearing for practically as long as I’ve been wearing perfume. Any time I’m in Nordstrom, I stop by Jo Malone’s beautiful counter to take a whiff of their newest offerings, as well as any classics from their collection that I’ve yet to sample. They never disappoint. On my recent hunt for a new spring scent, I spritzed on Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia cologne and was instantly flooded with a memory of my mom, who returned from a Mexico trip once wearing the most gorgeous freesia scent. That comforting memory, plus the delight of knowing this scent was inspired by one of my very favorite countries to visit made this perfume an immediate winner to me.

Since I’m often on the go all day long, I’ve tried all different methods for making my fragrance last longer. The best method, I’ve found, is to choose a scent that is also offered in bath and body products so I can layer them. Perfume disappears fastest when skin is dry, so not only do oils and lotions add much-needed moisture to skin, they also provide an extra layer of the fragrance, contributing to that long-lasting effect. Jo Malone has plenty of bath and body products to choose from in so many of their signature scents, so it’s easy to lightly layer the same scent, or even mix and match a few complementary scents to create a fragrance that’s all your own.

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To make my English Pear and Freesia perfume linger in a deliciously wonderful way from early morning through the evening, I opted for the coordinating Jo Malone body creme and body oil. If you try this method, be sure to keep your application of each product light–by using three different products instead of just one, all you need is a little bit of each to make an impact.

As my new favorite spring scent, I also picked up the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia candle for our home. I’ve loved their candles almost as long as I’ve loved their perfumes–they provide just the right amount of fragrance and look beautiful in any room. Not too many perfume brands offer candles as well, so if you’re on the hunt for a true signature scent, Jo Malone may be the perfect place for you to look. Carrying the smell into your home makes absolutely sure that your loved ones will always associate that beautiful fragrance with you!

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The week before last we were in Palm Springs shooting our Spring GMG Collection. We wrapped up in four days (with one cut short due to heavy rain and some flooding) and got some beautiful sunny California weather. It was so fun having both Kristina and Venita modeling for us and we can’t wait to share everything we captured along with all of our new styles coming April & May. Afterwards, Thomas and I had the weekend to enjoy before we flew back to the NYC winter. We stayed at Holiday House, which is located in downtown Palm Springs, whose interiors were designer by Mark D. Sikes, one of my favorites in both fashion and home.

Since we had some down time after the shoot, Thomas and I took it easy and roamed around downtown, biking (with these adorable polka dot bikes from the hotel) to lunch at Grand Central, then milkshakes at Great Shakes, followed by popping into some home shops along our path. The warm California sun felt amazing, especially after being huddled up inside for most of December and January.