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March is my absolute favorite month to be in Charleston. The promise of a more outdoor-focused lifestyle was one of the biggest factors that drew us here in the first place, and this time of year, the perfect spring weather, blooming flowers, and soft ocean breezes make the outdoors absolutely irresistible. While I often come up with seasonal bucket lists to make sure I don’t miss out on any of my favorite activities, this spring, all I really want to do is get outside every single day. I know that sometimes, on the busiest days, that may mean something as simple as bringing my laptop to the porch, but I hope that the majority of the time, it will mean enjoying one of my three favorite outdoor activities.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you watch my Instagram Stories, Thomas has developed a passion for gardening. One of his biggest projects so far has been starting a vegetable garden–he planted a bunch of seeds back in January and turned our laundry room into a mini greenhouse. He finally moved the growing plants to our new raised beds just a few weeks ago! This is only one of many dreams we have for our outdoor space. Ever since we moved into our house, we’ve definitely been bit by the gardening bug, and love spending time together working on bringing our vision to life. Down the road, we’d love to work on planting the rest of our garden as well!

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I’ve always enjoyed riding a bike to get around town, and living in a city as bike-friendly as Charleston means Thomas and I can take ours for a spin frequently. Whether I’m riding a few blocks away to my favorite local coffee shop or we’re toting our bikes to the beach to catch the sunrise (one of our favorite weekend activities), I always feel invigorated by feeling the breeze on my face and getting a little bit of exercise. Now that the weather is warming up, I can hardly wait to making bike riding a regular part of our routines again.

The first day of spring is this week and even though we’ve had touches of it over the past month, I’m excited for an official season change! With daylight savings and now winter being “officially” over, the fact that we’re in spring has me thinking how quickly this year has gone by already. It seems like we were just celebrating the holidays a month ago, but now we’re saying hello to warm weather and I feel like summer will be here before we know it (and then so will baby!).

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